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This 49 city looks not small, in fact, it is just a few circles, Liu Dazhi some time ago, the company's capital problems, many people know] so can not help but talk about it.. "Damn, why do you only meet acquaintances?" See Liu Dazhi very coquettish bag waving to oneself, Ye Tian is a face of wry smile, he can see, Liu always shouted out the price of four hundred thousand, is purely to help oneself long face. Ye Tian guessed right, there are hundreds of people here today, plus Ye Tian is sitting in the corner, not very noticeable, when shooting this jade pendant, Liu Dazhi is chatting with others, also did not pay attention. But when Lei Wu and Wei Hongjun raised the price, Liu Dazhi saw Ye Tian and immediately stood up and shouted out a price of four hundred thousand, which was also a support for "Master Ye". Half a million! Without waiting for the host to speak, Wei Hongjun called out a new price. He knew more about the value of this object than Lei Wu and Liu Dazhi. Not to mention 500,000, even one million Wei bosses would take it down. General Manager Wei, it seems that you are bound to win. Thunder fog some can not see through the idea of Wei Red Army,cosmetic tube, it is said that if you support Ye Tian, shout two or three hundred thousand to buy a piece of jade is almost the same, but look at the posture of Wei Red Army, that is, with playing cards in the waist, see who and who came. Come on, I'll shout again, six hundred thousand! Think of oneself that peach blossom treasure chop amulet,polyfoil tube, thunder fog gritted his teeth to make a price again, he knows Wei Hongjun and Ye Tian are used to be familiar with, perhaps this is what treasure. After the price of thunder fog was called out, the venue was really boiling up, and some people at the table far away stood up to see who had paid the price. Although 600,000 yuan is nothing in many people's eyes, the key is that neither the objects being photographed nor the people being photographed seem to be worth the price. Not to mention the jade pendant, it looks like an object of ten thousand or eight thousand. As for Ye Tian, the audience in addition to three or five people recognize, no one knows what this boy is, even if Wei Hongjun and thunder fog and Liu Dazhi these three people are idle, it will not shout to the high price of six hundred thousand. And look at the appearance of the Red Army and the thunder fog, it does not seem to be idle, purely to the jade pendant, which makes some people's eyes, and re-examine the jade pendant in the middle of the field. Eight hundred thousand! After raising his hand and adding another two hundred thousand, custom cosmetic packaging ,empty lotion tubes, Wei Hongjun looked at Lei Wu with a sad face and said, "Boss Lei, you don't even understand what this thing is. Why are you arguing with me?"? How about giving it to me, and I owe you a favor? As he spoke, Wei Hongjun stood up again and bowed his fists to Liu Dazhi in the distance. The meaning was obvious. Brother, thank you for helping Ye Tian. Don't raise the price. In fact, Wei Hongjun's style is also an element of acting, he shouted out the price, and there is no pressure. You know, before Ye Tian sold that thing is worth, forty thousand, this thing is even better than that jade gourd, Wei Hongjun shouted eight hundred thousand absolutely will not suffer a loss. But the bosses in the venue did not know that a humble little jade pendant had been sold at a sky-high price, and it was the highest price of a single item in today's charity reception, which made many people's buttocks unable to sit still. Chapter 165 five ghosts death amulet. "Is it the heir of any family?" But I don't think I've seen it before. " General Manager Zhou, aren't you familiar with Wei Hongjun? Go back and ask what's going on? When Wei Hongjun shouted out the price of 800,000 yuan, people had already focused their attention on Ye Tian. You know, this kind of charity auction also has some default rules. m Generally speaking, the person with the highest status in the venue often takes out the highest price in the whole auction, and others will give this face. For example, the Qing Dynasty porcelain that Wei Hongjun first bought for 380,000 yuan was taken out by the head of a state-owned enterprise listed in the world's top 500. Now Ye Tian's jade pendant has stolen the limelight of that person. Eight hundred thousand! General Manager Wei has paid 800,000 yuan. Thank General Manager Wei for his contribution to charity and Project Hope. Finally, I would like to ask again if there are any friends who have made a bid. The host also felt that the scene seemed to be out of control, and finally shouted the price again, and immediately said: "Eight hundred thousand!"! Deal, thanks to Mr. Ye Tian for donating the jade pendant, thanks to General Manager Wei for his generosity! After hearing the host's words, Wei Hongjun also breathed a sigh of relief. He was really afraid that there would be people who knew the goods in the field, and that he would bid three or five million yuan. Then today's limelight would be completely out of the limelight. Uncle Wei, you've taken advantage of it. Seeing Wei Hongjun's jubilant appearance, Ye Tian curled his lips. After the sale with Tang Wenyuan, Ye Tian's vision also rose, if this thing let him take to sell, without a price of two million, Ye Tian will never sell. After hearing Ye Tian's words, Wei Hongjun laughed and said, "Boy, how much money does Uncle Wei need to supply you? I asked you if you had this thing. You even fooled Uncle Wei.." "Uncle Wei, this thing is newly carved. When you look back, you will know that the carver is much better than the gourd." Hearing Wei Hongjun mention this stubble, Ye Tian really wants to explain that since he came to Beijing, Uncle Wei's help to himself is really not small. (724 hours of uninterrupted updates of pure txt hand-written novel m) As early as two years ago, when Ye Tian sold jade gourds to Tang Wenyuan, Wei Hongjun did ask Ye Tian if there were any such objects. At that time, Ye Tian had only two or three left, so he did not give them to Wei Hongjun. It was not long before he returned to Beijing, and Ye Tian did not have the idea of buying and selling instruments, so he never took them out. If he hadn't been run by Fatty Qi just now, Ye Tian wouldn't have taken them out for auction. Okay,plastic packing tube, I want to take a closer look. Have you improved your knife skills? At the same time of the next auction, an etiquette lady came to Ye Tian's desk with a jade pendant on a plate. Wei Hongjun put the check he had just written on the plate and took the jade pendant in his hand. General Manager Wei, show me Geng. 。

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