Legend of evil gods
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The eldest brother did not take a penny from the regiment, although he earned an astronomical amount of money, but the money was re-invested and became a tool for several of them to make money! Has been out for so long, the eldest brother not only did not spend money, but the arbitration Institute there into tens of thousands of amethyst coins. Moreover, after the cloud incident, everyone is very clear, although the eldest brother took the big head, that is what people should get, if the eldest brother quit playing, they all have to be beaten back to their original shape, the eldest brother made a fortune, they naturally made a fortune, the oldest brother finished, they also have to restore to the original humble identity, so.. Everyone worked hard, and did not dare to neglect the instructions of the eldest brother. Glancing around for a week, I said coldly, "This side of the adventure group is no longer a task that can be brushed up, and.." Our current income has been slowly transformed. I don't want to make money by brushing risky tasks all my life. Through this period of time, we should find that it's not fast to make money like that! At this point, I turned to Hua Zhidan and said, "Maruko, please report on the income of each department last month." Hua Zhidan nodded his head and said with a smile, "Let's talk about it briefly. Last month, on the side of the adventure group,plastic laminated tube, the money we got from the task only accounted for 4% of the total income of the anti-heaven business, accounting for the income of the publishing department and the lottery. If we reach the current income situation of the anti-heaven!" Four people are excited to look at Hua Zhidan, this data they have long known, but every time listen again, can not help but excited, this number, can represent astronomical money ah! Nodding my head, I looked at everyone and said, "As you heard,empty cosmetic tubes, the income of the adventure group is less than 5%, which is absolutely wrong, especially the brothers of Izumo. They should have greater development. We can't regard them as money-making machines. After all.." They are warriors, not businessmen! It's not a machine! Hearing my words, Hu's eyes suddenly lit up. From the eldest brother's words, he seemed to see a ray of light, a ray of light belonging to Izumo. He had been looking forward to this day for too long. Suddenly turning my head, I turned to Hu with my eyes shining and said in a harsh voice, "It's time for Izumo to rise. How about that?"? How are you preparing over there? Swish! Hu stood up excitedly, trembling all over, Hu answered loudly: "Boss!"! Ten thousand people in the cloud team, already ready for everything, just wait for the eldest brother to give the order, the mountain of knives and the sea of fire, which refers to where to rush! OK! As soon as I clapped the handrail, I stood up and said to Hu: "Very good.." In that case, I declare.. The Anti-Heaven Mercenary Corps is now officially established! Swish! The other three quickly stood up and clapped their hands excitedly. They were a little numb to money. What they needed now was prestige, which represented a powerful force! Everyone clapped their hands excitedly. Looking at everyone's excited appearance, cosmetic tube packaging ,custom cosmetic packing, I stretched out my hands slightly and pressed them down. I said lightly, "Don't get excited first, you know.." Although the Anti-Heaven Mercenary Corps is just about to be set up, but. We have been preparing for today for a long time! After a slight pause, I continued, "So.." This time, our maiden mission, will be very difficult, we have to be psychologically prepared! Hearing what I said, everyone subconsciously stopped applauding and stared at me. They knew very well that it was not a small thing to make the boss feel difficult. With a slight smile, I said lightly, "The first mission goal of the Anti-Heaven Mercenary Corps is to completely exterminate the Heavenly Mark Thieves Group!" Ah! Lind opened his eyes wide and stared at me. For a long time, Lind said in disbelief, "Boss, what you said.." Is it the Heavenly Mark Adventure Group, which ranks 16th in the Thieves Group? With a slight nod, I affirmed, "Yes." That's him. How.. Is there a problem? Splash! As soon as Lind sat down on his chair, he murmured, "Boss, this is too difficult. The Thieves of Heaven is not an ordinary team. They were founded twenty-six years ago. They have more than three hundred swordsmen and senior warriors. These people are all veterans who were there when the Thieves were founded. Their combat experience is so rich that it is hard to imagine!" After a pause, Lind continued, "Besides, they belong to the Alliance with the Rampant Thieves. Once one of them is attacked, the other will certainly support them. In this way.." Without waiting for Lind to finish, Hu Meng opened his mouth and said, "Boss, the Izumo team promises to complete the task!" Gawking at Hu, Lind did not know where Hu's confidence came from, battlefield confrontation, not only strength can be, although the cloud team is fierce, but just a group of small soldiers who have not been on the battlefield! Why are you so confident? Smiling at Hu, for his self-confidence, I am not surprised, if there is no confidence in dealing with a small regiment of thieves, can he still dream of restoring the country? The time has finally come to test him, and the mark of heaven will be the best touchstone for him!


Text Chapter 362 New Inspiration Early the next morning, a shocking news shocked the whole world. Following the successful formation of an adventure group, a business group, and a news group, another shocking news broke out. From today on, they will set foot in the mercenary world and create a mercenary regiment! Originally Even if you create a mercenary regiment against the sky, it's no big deal, many adventure groups are like this, but. The second half of the news, but let everyone stunned, dark sigh only against the sky can have such a big hand, only Leng Mo this big man, can plan such a shocking news. The construction of the anti-day mercenary regiment, its foundation is ten thousand senior warriors, only this point, let all the mercenary regiment eclipsed, you know. So far, can have tens of thousands of senior samurai team, in addition to the royal guard of various countries, in the mercenary world,cosmetic plastic tube, in the world of thieves, a total of pull up, also less than ten teams ah!. emptycosmetictubes.com

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