The itch is unbearable
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He had long seen that the little girl's self-esteem was too strong, so he could only lead her to speak out slowly and let her take the initiative to seek help from herself. Qiao Ying bit her lower lip and tried to open her mouth: "You said on the phone today..." "Zizi, Zizi-" Qiao Ying's cell phone rang suddenly. She looked at Xu Li apologetically and saw that the caller ID was a strange number, so she simply pressed it. She explained to Xu Li: "It may be a sales call." The voice just fell, but the phone vibrated again, she was a little annoyed, and pressed it again. Then the number rang for the third time with perseverance. Xu Li said, "Maybe an acquaintance changed his number and called to care about the old man." Qiao Ying thinks, what he says also has some truth, then cut open answer key to put to ear. Little Joe, it's not easy for you to answer the phone. The tone of fooling around was very familiar, and Qiao Ying's face immediately changed. Zhou Qi, are you really out of your mind? Leave me alone! "Oh, don't hang up yet." Zhou Qi's grinning voice came: "Don't you want to save your Zhuo family?" Chapter 31 Zhou Qi teased her frivolously, which made Qiao Ying angry. Did you do it? She thought that Zhou Qi would not be such a person without a bottom line, but she didn't expect to be such a scum. Huh? ' Zhou Qi seemed to laugh even louder, "you, ha ha, you actually guessed it was me?"? Can I automatically understand that you have me in your heart, so you will take my words seriously? "Don't put gold on your face,eye cream packing tube," Qiao Ying turned her back and didn't want Xu Li to face her face. "I warned you not to provoke me! You'd better stop as soon as possible. If something goes wrong at Trader Joe's, I won't let you go! Qiao Ying put cruel words, but Zhou Qi did not think so. Won't leave me alone? Haha, what could go wrong with Trader Joe's? Oh, and bankrupt! Tut, tut, tut, after Joe's bankruptcy,pump tube, you are not the eldest lady of the Joe family, how can you not let me go? I'd really like to have a try. The wretched laughter meant something, which made Qiao Ying tremble all over. Why don't you talk? Zhou Qi pressed forward step by step. "You're not still waiting for Xu Li, the old fox, to help your Qiao family, are you?"? Oh, what a pity! Xu's group is about to become a'bankrupt brother 'with your Qiao, but now no one can help you, Miss Qiao. Zhou Qi's words, like thunder, shocked Qiao Ying on the spot. What did you say Zhou Qi: "I said-Xu Shi is going bankrupt, no one can save Qiao Shi-except yourself." Not daring to look back at Xu Li, Qiao Ying managed to stabilize her flustered mind: "What do you mean?"? I don't understand. Zhou Qixiao: You don't understand? Ok, let me tell you-as long as you, plastic packaging tube ,pump tube, Qiao Ying, promise to marry me, I will immediately return the customer resources taken away to you, Qiao Shi, and pay them ten times the liquidated damages, how about it, Xiao Qiao? Is that enough to attract you? Get married? And Zhou Qi? Qiao Ying can't believe that he went to so much trouble to make such a big noise that he almost bankrupted Qiao's in order to make a business marriage with him? "Are you crazy?" She was so angry that she cursed, "Go to see a psychiatrist if you are crazy!" Zhou Qi did not care about her scolding, which could be said to have been anticipated, and said in an indifferent tone: "I have told you the way, whether Joe's will go bankrupt or not, this decision is given to you, Xiao Qiao, you can not let me down ah." Qiao Ying's response was to hang up the phone directly. She was so angry that she felt dizzy. As soon as she opened her legs, she shook her body. Xu Li put his hand on her shoulders from behind. "Are you all right?" Qiao Ying did not speak, walked along his strength for a short time, and sat down at the stone table specially set up in the hospital. She was so angry that her face was red, her chest was not calm, and her hands were still shaking. Xu Li glanced at the cell phone she was holding tightly: "Is it from Zhou Qi?" Qiao Ying light "um" sound, slightly sideways face, the mood turned over badly, at a loss of great panic climbed up the heart, the eyes suddenly flooded. When Xu Li saw that she was in a different mood, he could not help feeling anxious. He took two steps forward and asked Qiao Ying almost uncontrollably, "What did you say?" When Qiao Ying heard his voice approaching, her face turned more to the other side. She blinked her eyes quickly and said in a nasal voice, "It's nothing." Zhou Qi has just said that he not only shot at Qiao Shi, but also secretly tampered with Xu Shi. What a mean and shameless bastard! Qiao Ying evaded badly, Xu Li did not dare to move again rashly, can only appease a way: "Good, we do not say this, we continue the topic just now?"? What did you want to say to me before? As soon as he mentioned this, Qiao Ying's tears flowed even more happily. Had it not been for his relationship, Xu would not have been killed by Zhou Qi. She clenched her lower lip and said nothing. Xu Li guessed that Zhou Qi might have said something to her, although he did not know the specific content, but he thought about it and knew it would not be a good thing. Qingjun's face is hard to distinguish between joy and anger. He lowered his eyebrows and said, "You don't have to worry about the company. I said I would help Qiao's family at noon, and I will do it." Qiao Ying quickly wiped her eyes: "No!" Xu Li immediately asked, "Why not?" The girl twisted her back to him stubbornly, her delicate shoulders shaking slightly. He laughed and tried to ease her uneasiness with an outspoken confession: "Little Joe, I'm chasing you. Isn't it a great opportunity for me to show myself now?" Xu Li made no secret of his "selfish thoughts": "As long as I help Joe through this crisis, Uncle Joe and your parents will certainly look at me with new eyes and trust you to me, and you will like me more, Xiao Qiao, don't you think so?" "Enough!" Qiao Ying suddenly turned around. Her beautiful eyes were red. She cried and asked,tube lip gloss, "How long are you going to lie to me?"? Is there something wrong with Xu? Did Zhou Qi do it, too? Xu Li's heart tightened: "No." "Uncle Xu!" Qiao Ying raised her voice slightly and called him. Then she choked up and said, "Don't you admit it?"? It's all because of me. 。

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