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"I have a lifelong engagement with him," said the lanky man. "I will not die until I see him." "What's your name, old-timer?" Asked Fang Zhaonan. The lanky man took a mouthful of honey and said with a smile, "I haven't been in Jianghu for a long time. No wonder you don't know. I'm good at feeding bees. I used to be called the queen bee on the Wulin Road." Fang Zhaonan laughed in his heart and said, "It seems that you are worthy of the name of queen bee." But he smiled and said, "It's Elder Yang." Yang Gu, the queen bee, nodded and said, "No one has called me that for decades.." His face suddenly straightened and he said, "You haven't answered my question yet. Where is the blind old man?" "He's gone to collect herbs for the knee wounds of the younger generation," said Fang Zhaonan. "I don't know when I'll be back," said Ju Gu. "Just before he left," said Fang Zhaofu, "he told the younger generation that it would be more than ten days or less than seven days." "How many days have passed now?" Asked Yang Gu. "Today is five days," said Fang Zhaonan. "That's good," said Yang Gu. "I can wait for him here for a few days." "Is the old-timer an old friend of his?" Asked Fang Zhaonan. "It's hard to tell a friend from an enemy," said Yang Gu. "You don't have to mind your own business.." "How old are you?" He asked. "The younger generation is twenty-one years old," said Fang Zhaonan. Yang Gu suddenly sighed and said, "I'm ninety-three years old. Alas!"! After I die. I'm afraid the art of raising bees will be handed down to the world. Fang Zhaonan looked at the cage of giant bees and hesitated to speak. Yang Gu blinked his eyes twice and said, "You have enough courage and good aptitude, but it's a pity that you were received by the blind old man!" "The younger generation has another teacher," said Fang Zhaonan. "It's not listed on the Taoist temple wall." Yang Guxi, the queen bee, said, "The blind old man has no eyes. Naturally,aluminium laminated tube, he can't see your aptitude." Fang Zhaonan said, "Although that Taoist priest is blind in both eyes, his skill in judging people is ten times better than that of a man with eyes." Yang Gu, the queen bee, snorted coldly, "Nonsense!" Fang Zhaonan was slightly stunned and said, "What's wrong with the younger generation?" Yang Gu, the queen bee, closed his eyes angrily and no longer answered. During this period of time, Fang Zhaonan was in danger. He knew that Jianghu people were eccentric by nature. If he made a mistake,plastic laminted tube, he would incur his anger. He kept silent at that moment. As the night passed, Yang Gu seemed to be still angry. Fang Zhaonan called the elder Yang several times, but he didn't even open his eyelids. In a day, they didn't talk to each other. In this way, the two men sat face to face, locked in a stalemate for two days and two nights, going their own ways, and never said a word to each other again. At noon on the eighth day, suddenly heard the sound of a wave outside the hall, a hoarse voice came in and said: Beekeeper, have you been here long? With the sound of asking, he walked into the blind old way with a hundred knots in crane clothes and a wooden stick in his hand. Yang Gu jumped to his feet and said, "Good!"! I also said that I couldn't find you in this life, but I didn't expect that I would still find you. The blind old Taoist had a bamboo stick in his hand, and with a bang, a square brick in the hall was broken by his hand. As soon as Yang Gu clapped the wooden cage in his hand, he said in a loud voice, metal cosmetic tubes ,plastic cosmetic tubes, "I spent a whole fifteen years trying out thirty-six kinds of poisonous bees and mated them into a kind of extremely poisonous strange bee. Although it is the most poisonous of all kinds of poisonous bees in the world, the honey it brews is the sweetest honey in the world." The blind old Taoist gave a sneer and said, "Even though your honey is sweet, what does it have to do with me being blind?" "Why don't you believe it?" Asked Queen Bee Yang Gu with a smile. "How's it going?" Asked the blind Taoist. "Humph," said Yang Gu, the queen bee! You take a piece to taste and see if there is such a delicacy in the world? Sure enough, he took out a piece of honey from the wooden cage and handed it over. The blind Taoist was not polite either, and took it in his hand and ate it in one breath. Fang Zhaonan saw that both of them were old and in their seventies, but their actions and words were still childlike, and he could not help smiling. Yang Gu, the queen bee, watched the blind Taoist finish eating a piece of honey, and then asked coldly, "How is it?" The blind Taoist laughed and said, "It tastes good, but you can't eat it for long." "Why?" Asked Yang Gu, the queen bee. "Because after a while," said the blind Taoist, "you will die." Yang Gu, the queen bee, said angrily, "Shaomao, who is blind, has a big breath. Try my poisonous bee first." "Slow down, slow down," said the blind Taoist. "I have something to say." "What's the matter?" Asked Yang Gu, the queen bee. "Tell me quickly."! I've been looking for you for decades, and now I can't stand it! The blind Taoist said coldly, "After I heal the baby's knee injury, it's not too late for us to have a good fight." "All right," said Yang Gu, the queen bee! I wait for you for half an hour, after half an hour, whether you heal his wound or not, I will release the poisonous bee! The blind Taoist stopped arguing and strode over to Fang Zhaonan. Obviously, he seemed to be trying to gain time to heal Fang Zhaonan's injuries. Fang Zhaonan sighed softly and said, "The elder has worked hard. Have you ever collected medicine?" "You are very lucky," said the blind Taoist Priest. "The medicine has been collected. Time is running out. Hurry up and move over your knees. Let's heal your wounds first." Then he squatted down, stretched out his hands, pressed them on Fang Zhaonan's knees, and massaged them for a while. Then he took out a bunch of grass from his bosom and said, "I should have decocted this clump of herbs into potion and taken it. Unfortunately, it's too late. You have to eat this clump of grass." Fang Zhaonan slightly hesitated, reached out to take the grass, looked carefully, only to see three or four different grass colors, mixed together, the moment holding the grass, put in the mouth to eat up. The blind Taoist took out a clump of grass from his bosom, rubbed his hands together, kneaded the grass into a piece, and applied it to Fang Zhaonan's knees. The blind Taoist said, "The two main medicines for internal and external application have all been found. The swelling of your wound will begin to subside within four days. The swelling will subside within five days. You will be able to move within seven days and recover within ten days.". Fang Zhaonan saw that the population of grass, bitter and sour, unpalatable to the extreme, but thinking of the heavy responsibility on his shoulders,eye cream packaging tube, this leg injury is related to the success or failure of his martial arts, forced teeth, forced a clump of grass to eat down. emptycosmetictubes.com

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