Love and hatred through a thousand years: Qin hen II
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The journey was unexpectedly dull: the scenery outside the car window was not farmland, but wilderness, barren hills, and occasionally scattered farmhouses, which were not as beautiful and moist as those in the south. At first, Zhou Mei planned to draw up an outline of the report on the train, but she was a little sleepy under the rhythmic "melody" of the train. For a person who sleeps at least 10 hours a day, the possibility of not catching up on sleep in the car is very small, not to mention that soft sleepers are much more comfortable than hard seats. Qin Xiao's cell phone rings almost every five minutes. At first, out of politeness, he went to the corridor outside the carriage to answer the phone. Later, he was bored, changed to vibration mode, changed to Bluetooth headset, and talked in the box, mostly in English, with a very low voice, while she seemed to listen to a lullaby, more and more sleepy,stesweet stevia, and finally fell asleep.. "I thought you were going to sleep for a thousand years." This is the "greeting" that Zhou Mei heard when she woke up. Qin Xiao had never seen such a sleepy girl who slept from morning to night and missed lunch and dinner. But she hugged the pillow and slept sweetly and contentedly, as if she were immersed in an unparalleled dream, so that he could not bear to wake up. What time is it Zhou Mei woke up hungry, but was embarrassed to ask directly if it was time for dinner. Sleep is a great way to kill a boring journey, and you don't have to talk to your traveling companions for more than ten sentences. According to the inherent experience, within ten sentences, they can still talk calmly,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, and beyond ten sentences, there will be unhappiness. It's time for supper. Qin Xiao thought it was wise to go back to Beijing by train with her. "You're too careless. You slept so long that you didn't even know your luggage was lost." "Have you lost it?" She had just woken up and, unaware of his sarcasm, looked under the bed. No wonder Professor Lin said that you went out for the first time and had no social experience. Another reason Qin Xiao doesn't like to take the train is the security problem. Even in the box, thieves can easily pry the door in, and there is no safe to store valuables. She is also a graduate student, but she doesn't even have the common sense of safety? In the tone of a lesson, he said, "How many opportunities do you give to the bad guys?" It's a small thing to be stolen. I'm afraid she was carried away in her sleep without knowing it. How can I be careless? Aren't you still awake? This is the tenth sentence after getting on the bus, Zhou Mei warned himself not to say more, and could not help but defend, "I did not really sleep, but close my eyes and rest, ghana seed extract ,jujube seed powder, thinking about the two reports.." What are the new ideas? Tell me about it? Qin Xiao doesn't believe it. The phone began to vibrate again, and he pressed the answer button. Zhou Mei took advantage of the moment when he was on the phone to lower his head and quickly conceive, but the brain that had just woken up was like a short circuit, which turned out to be a blank, and his palms were slightly sweating. Qin Xiao answered the phone, his face suddenly became dignified: "Do you have a good friend named Wu You?" A strange girl reported her name and origin, because Zhou Mei had no mobile phone and could not be contacted, so she had to find him. Zhou Mei is stupefied: "Right, my best friend." His expression is very unnatural: "She is in the Peach Blossom Spring archaeological site?" Zhou Mei was surprised: "Do you know each other?" Otherwise, how could Wu you have his phone number? Qin Xiao hesitated and said, "I don't know her, but she has something to tell me.." Not sure how Zhou Mei will react, his tone is gentle and slow, "but the premise is." You must be calm. "Don't worry, I have a good psychological quality." As soon as she heard that she was no longer asking about the idea, she was in a good mood and smiled. Professor Lin.. Professor Lin suddenly fainted at work. Qin Xiao said while observing her reaction, "now sent to the city hospital for rescue.." "What?"? My mother is critically ill? Zhou Mei immediately flustered, tears like rain, "no!"! I want to get off, I want to get off. She suddenly got up to pull the door of the box, as if to jump out of the car immediately, in order to go straight to Changde City Hospital. Qin Xiao had expected that she would cry, but did not think of such a drastic move, busy pulling her: "Not critically ill." The cause of the disease has not yet been identified. You calm down first. Calm down first. Is this the so-called good psychological quality? Her desperate cry had attracted the conductor, and the passengers in the other boxes pulled the door to see what was going on. He was embarrassed, but he couldn't let her run away. I want to get off! Stop the car! Stop the car! Zhou Mei cried and begged the conductor to come. "Miss, this is a train, you can't stop at random." The conductor looked at the girl in amazement. She was completely out of control. "Unless there is an emergency." There is an emergency! Of course there is! Of course there is! I want to stop! What could be more important than her mother's health? She's always been in good health. Why did she suddenly. Zhou Mei dare not think, also do not want to think, only know desperately to break free, almost exhausted all strength, "I will jump if I don't stop." Anyway, throw caution to the wind! Seeing that persuasion was useless, Qin Xiao no longer wasted his breath and dragged her back to the box by force. At the same time, he briefly explained to the conductor the reason why his companions were hysterical. The conductor understood the girl's anxiety and saw that he was at a loss and comforted her: "Is she an only child?"? Psychology is inevitably fragile, unable to withstand this kind of blow. The next stop is Handan. You can get off there. "Is there a flight at this time?" Qin Xiao asked worriedly. I heard that Handan Airport has just been built for a few years, and flights to all parts of the country will not be too frequent. I'll help you check the phone number of the airport and ask about the flight. If not, you can only transfer after arriving in Beijing. The conductor glanced at Zhou Mei. She was a little calmer, but her face was pale, her eyes were red and swollen, and she might be impulsive again at any time. He was a little worried. "Do you want to find a doctor?" Looks like we better get some tranquilizers. I don't think so. Qin Xiao sighed and said against his will, "her psychological quality." It's actually pretty good. In a trance, Zhou Mei did not know how he arrived at Handan Airport? She was alone in the empty waiting hall. Through the glass of the hall,tannic acid astringent, she could not see any planes on the runway. After all, it was late at night and there were no flights. Compared with the airports in Beijing and Xi'an, it is obvious that the new airport is much smaller in scale and passenger flow.

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