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And in the hands of these amulets, this is to contact the common way, in the cloud near the divine realm of the strong. However, they were all fruitless, and there was no news. Not only that, but even his brother Mingyu could not sense it. This one is all right, but in the sky of the common people, brother Wei Tian, who took over from the Korean side, also disappeared. The three sects headed by the Tai Ling Sect were also unguarded. This is rather surprising and slightly worrying. Have the intention to use Ying Xing Fu, Zong Shou has a lot of scruples. Once the stars are reflected in all realms, there will be no one in this religion. Is not to make other sects, know the common way, at this time of the actual situation? Originally, I was going to contact yuan Jingsan, who did not know where he was at the moment, through the elders in the door. However, at this time, depending on the situation, this method is probably not feasible. At this time, although there are many immortals in the same door in the sky of the common people. However, the presence and absence of the Venerable in the Holy Land is uncertain. These people are expected to be hard to find. Zong Shou suddenly moved in his heart and took something out of his sleeve. But it was the mirror of the phantom heart that, triggered by Zong Shou Ling Jue, illuminated the mirror into the void. Suddenly,ghana seed extract, a dark shadow appeared in the phantom mirror. Move a few times, change directions. Finally, a familiar scene appeared in his eyes. This is the art of reflecting the boundary, and it is one of the magical powers of the mirror of joy. In the past, Zongshou was not strong enough and could not be used. Now that he has stepped into fairyland, he no longer needs to consume longevity yuan. Sure enough, it's not there! In the heaven of the common people, he changed his position in all directions, and sure enough,carnosic acid price, there was no sign of the monk of the divine realm. Among them, there are several fellow disciples who are particularly sensitive to inspiration, and they are also aware of it. But only slightly show different color, ignore. This is because Zong Shou has extremely high authority in the big array of the dome, and his mind is not blocked. These people are only the elders in the door, peeping into the dome, so they do not have the heart of prevention. But inside the dome, it is indeed calm. No matter the teacher or the disciple, there is no difference in color. Even if there is anything, it should not involve the survival of the clan. Zong Shou took back the spiritual consciousness and felt a little at ease. Then he smiled and shone the light of the mirror through the cloud somewhere. Look at them. Have they ever been well? Just a moment, the idea, locked the dry Tianshan City. Another scene appeared before his eyes when he thought about it. He was looking directly at Dan Fang, but unexpectedly, he did not see the figure of Xuanyuan Yiren. Then he looked at the bedroom again, but it was still missing. After changing directions several times, he saw his wife standing in the back garden, a small pavilion in the middle of the lake. He was holding a baby in his arms and humming happily. Zong Shou was stunned and looked at the hands of Yiren. Can not help but slightly absent, rosmarinic acid supplement ,pumpkin seed extract, thought so soon has given birth to it? In other words, he's going to be a father? Yes, unconsciously, I have been in the outside world for more than a year. This child is his own Haier? It's so quiet. I'm biting my thumb. I'm sleeping soundly. Cute The idea fluctuated for a moment, Xuanyuan Yiren felt something and looked at the sky in surprise. Then on that pretty face, suddenly reveal the color of surprise. He started the void barrier directly and went into the void. Zong Shou was startled subconsciously, and after a moment, he remembered that Xuanyuan Yiren was also a spiritual realm. Beyond the clouds, step into the void. For her, it is not difficult, but also have spare capacity to protect the small also safe. After laughing, Zong Shou stretched out a spiritual thought. Then led Xuanyuan Yiren, to the Aurora to cross the boat at ease to fly. Look at Kong Yao again. The light of the mirror changed, and the trace of Kong Yao was found in the Privy Council on the mountainside of Gantian Mountain. Standing beside the map, Liu Mei frowned lightly, as if thinking about something. Zong Shou did not deliberately cover up his spiritual thoughts, or even deliberately stirred them. Kong Yao, however, finally found out after counting her breath. First in the eyes, slightly full of joy. Then he snorted coldly and pointed a little. The mirror light in front of Zong Shou was suddenly scattered. Zong Shou burst out laughing and didn't care. Knowing Kong Yao's temperament is like this. When the laughter stopped, Zong Shou's expression froze slightly. So fast! The South Wind and Cloud Land, unexpectedly so fast, has already taken it? A South Wind and Cloud Land can be equivalent to half of the world of yuanlian. In the next few decades, the number of Lingshi veins will be ten times or even more than thirty times that of the latter. Compared with Kong Yao's achievements, he was really ashamed to be the Lord. At this moment, he is very lucky to be able to snatch his Yao son from the Shang Dynasty. Illusion heart mirror again a flash of inspiration, and will be a place, reflected in the mirror. It was the peak of Shengshan Mountain, but the scene on the peak was so eye-catching that Zong Shou immediately blushed. The girl was still locked by a black chain. But all over the body, at this time is not an inch. Is gathering the water for the spring, washes own that red Luo charming body. This female almost immediately has the induction, the complexion is livid, the instantaneous murder machine suddenly rises. As soon as the sword formula was introduced, a small green bamboo sword beside it was cut into the air. Straight attack Zong Shou, shine on the wisp of God here. Zong Shou at this time, also finally from the shock, reaction over. Hurriedly put the silk mind, quickly pull back. But there is still a wisp of sword, unrelenting, followed. Zong Shou felt weak in his heart, but he was not in a hurry, driving the illusion mirror and constantly laying down illusions. He steered the Aurora boat and changed several directions in succession. After ten full breaths, the idea of the cold Daiyu was completely thrown away. When he calmed down a little, he listened to the pure voice on one side and said cowardly, "The future Buddha, although I can't help being a Buddhist.". But it's not good to peep at a girl taking a bath. Zong Shou's face was reddish, and when he turned his head, he saw Jingyin beside him, looking over with an unusually pure and slightly contemptuous look. Suddenly there was another moment of embarrassment, which could not be explained. Then he became angry from embarrassment and shouted angrily, "Noisy!"! You just look at the Dharma with peace of mind. In half a month, it's only the fourth rank. It's really useless. The pure voice suddenly eyes slightly red, wronged curled his lips. However,phycocyanin spirulina, he had to yield to the power of Zong Shou Yin and continued to look in front of him. There are two dots, black and white, suspended in front of Jingyin.

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