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There was a letter in the hall of nectar every ten days. yuan Hanzhi no longer pretended to be ill. Finally, he slowly took off the cloth wrapped around the wound. Wei Renxiu saw that his wound had grown tender flesh and had already recovered. He was just stuffy every day. He was afraid that she would know and leave secretly. Wei Shan looked at the accounts of the Ministry of the Interior in the Ganlu Hall. At the end of the year, the ministries closed their accounts and used force in the past two years. Fortunately, the tariffs on trade with the Southern Dynasties could be supplemented, and the finance was much better than before. Wei Shan sent Xiao Shunzi to the Southern Dynasties to run a business under the name of a wealthy merchant in Guanzhong. He had a Silk Road caravan. Persian spices, carpets, precious stones and pearls were very popular in the Southern Dynasties. He made a lot of money this year and started a shipping business in Changle Port. Shipping accounted for 30% of the tax revenue of the Southern Dynasties. Xiao Shunzi first sold spices and woven blankets at a high price in Changle Port, and earned dyes and leather materials at a low price. He first sold goods, and then wrote letters to the palace, reporting the business affairs of the Southern Dynasties to Wei Shan in detail, hoping to go to sea to have a look. First, a ship followed the fleet to do business, and then a camel guide and translator were added to the fleet. A fleet was set up in Changle Port to trade with the ship. This year has been fruitful. The Southern Dynasties always had to fight. After recovering the lost territory, they sent their troops to attack Daxia, which was different from the puppet Dynasty. The puppet Dynasty had lived in peace for twenty years under the rule of Daye, but the Southern Dynasty had never submitted to Daye. It had always been in the hands of the emperor of the Xia Dynasty. Emperor Taizu of the Southern Dynasties, but people's hearts are in favor of him. Jiangnan Dao has always been rich. At the end of Daxia, the leaders of those uprisings were not in the south. If the great cause is to be attacked, the people will defend their homes. Unlike when the puppet court was in power, even if they occupied the land, the people would still be in favor of the great cause. An account of Wei Shan when happy and when worried, to attack Daxia,saw palmetto extract, short-term failure, had to trade with each other first, she read the report, while Biwei to register for her, this matter now only she can help. Biwei is a rare person in the palace who knows the inside story of Wei Renxiu and yuan Hanzhi. When she heard that Wei Renxiu had a child, she sighed: "This is good. Finally, I can be stable." Wei Renxiu had been in and out of the palace for so many years, and they had some friendship. Her marriage to yuan Hanzhi had caused a storm in the city, and finally settled down. When Biwei heard about it,turmeric extract powder, she asked, "What should I prepare to send?" Wei Shan shook his head and said, "Let them live. They can live one day at a time." When Biwei heard her say this, she frowned. "Does she still want to go?"? If she doesn't know about her father and brother. Wei Shan put down the memorial to the throne, rubbed his forehead, and Green Song brought tea. The two of them took a break. Wei Shan took a cup of tea and took a sip. "Naturally she doesn't know, but she will know sooner or later." The army of the great cause of the puppet rebels forced into Hedong state, after the town of Kunlun to the south is Yongchang, Yongchang although delimited in the territory of the great cause, is Hu Han mixed, in recent years, trade exchanges, Han and Hu people living together, instead of more Hu people. Wei Kuan's army was pulled out of the States and counties, in addition to the team he personally led the elite willing to die in the end, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,lutein eye complex, the rest ran scattered, simply defected into the army of Qin Zhao. Wei Kuan left only a ride fine tax, leaving the queen mother and Yongping emperor, escaped from the town of Kunlun, to the town of Chengguan, over the mountain is outside, Wei Kuan family are good at riding and shooting, ran all the way to this point, fled into the yellow sand, disappeared. The battle has now been decided, Qin Zhao has been the first back to the court, the rest of the end to Wang Qi, counting the days years ago will be able to enter the capital, Wei Renxiu sooner or later will hear the news of the army's triumph. Biwei was silent and did not speak. After all, the Jiang family had not had time to make enemies with Daye, but Wei Renxiu was a real rebellious daughter. When she really gave birth to a child, the emperors and empresses pretended not to know that she could only hide her name in the backyard of the yuan family for a lifetime. Not to mention that yuan Hanzhi would not resign, even if he was willing to resign and go back, how could the yuan family recognize her? yuan Miaozhi died when the city was destroyed. Together with her husband Song, Song Lian loved to write epitaphs for people. He also joked that he would write his own, but he died before he could write it. Wei Shan put down the teacup, picked out a lotus chamber from the glass dish, cut half of it with a silver knife and gave it to Biwei. It was cut off at the end of summer and hidden in the ice cellar. It was taken out as a snack in winter. Wei Shan chewed one. The lotus seed was slightly bitter. She chewed and swallowed it and drank a mouthful of honey tea. yuan Hanzhi, a fool, was afraid that he was still happy now. Yongle Square near rosefinch street, the day the armed forces into the city, yuan Hanzhi got up early, changed into official clothes, put on a cloak, ride horses to the city gate to meet the king into the city. Such a thing was naturally prepared early, and there was a ceremony for all the people to pray. When the officials of the Ministry of Rites came to the door, yuan Hanzhi couldn't help peeking at Wei Renxiu, but his eyes were not good. Seeing that she was still sitting in her study and cutting clothes by the fire, he put down half of his heart and pulled the officials of the Ministry of Rites to speak in a low voice. I'm afraid she heard it. As soon as the official left, Wei Renxiu stood up and opened the cabinet. He took out the official clothes for him, poured the water from the tea stove into the copper bucket, ironed the official clothes for him, and took out the jade belt around his waist. Like such a big event, the officials naturally had to dress up to greet each other. The more quiet she was, the more afraid yuan Hanzhi was, but he really didn't know how to persuade him. What they said most these days was the life in Longmen Mountain. They didn't mention yuan Hanzhi as an official or Wei Kuan's rebellion. It seemed that there was only each other, and there was no one else in the courtyard. Who would have thought that as soon as the gate of the courtyard opened, this was the news that came. Wei Renxiu shook off his clothes and tried it for him. "I'm a little fat," he said softly. "My clothes are a little tight." yuan Hanzhi smiled foolishly: "Eat well." Wei Renxiu drank soup, chicken and meat were stuffed into his stomach, and spent a lot of money to collect tortoise, stewed soup with chicken, and let her eat with soft cakes. When Wei Renxiu saw him smiling, he began to laugh too. He straightened his skirt and looked around before saying, "It's time to add a jade hairpin to you." Then he took out a gold-headed jade hairpin from his sleeve. She bought it on her way back to her mother. It was a jade hairpin,naringenin price, which was used to wear a hair crown. She thought that he liked to wear bamboo blue clothes best, and it was just right to match this. She had been wearing this thing beside her to miss him, so she took it out and gave it to him.

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